Keith Testerman

    VP & CMO - Watco Transportation Companies.

    "We've been using Gamma88 in our locomotive fleet since 2016 with great results. Watco/K&O/SKOL are achieving estimated fuel savings in excess of 8%. Gamma88 has also virtually eliminated carbon buildup in our engines and exhaust systems, greatly reducing the potential for right-of-way fires and overall emissions. The automated dispenser ensures that the fuel is treated with each refueling event. I would highly recommend this product for all locomotives."

    Greg M.

    “After running Gamma88 in my 2011 Freightliner (with a DD15 Engine) for over 800,000 miles, I had my truck run on a dynamometer at one million miles. The engine which is rated for 530 HP, reached 563 HP twice on the dynamometer. Also, my DPS filter lasted 1.3 million miles when it usually only lasts between 400,000 and 700,000 miles. I attribute the increase in horsepower and filter longevity to the cleaning and lubrication power of Gamma88. It’s a no brainer.”