E3-Ultra and Gamma88 are American-made products.

    E3-Ultra and Gamma88 are American-made products. EnviroSave Enterprises, the exclusive agent for both products, is based in the United States, but we believe we will become the international market leader in ester-based oil and fuel additives. Currently we serve businesses across the country and we’re expanding overseas. We sell directly to our customers online and plan to make E3-Ultra and Gamma88 available at select retail locations.

    When added to gasoline, diesel, ethanol, bio-diesel and motor oils, E3-Ultra and Gamma88 enhance combustion, clean carbon deposits, improve engine efficiency, sustain proper lubrication levels and prolong operating life.

    E3-Ultra and Gamma88 have been extensively tested in laboratory experiments and control field tests and consistently shows a fuel economy improvement of 7 percent and a significant reduction in CO and particulate emissions.