Learn More About E3-Ultra and Gamma88

    1What is E3-Ultra and Gamma88?

    E3-Ultra and Gamma88 are fuel and oil additives that, when used as directed in a diesel engine, will improve emissions and fuel economy and reduce wear in the engine. These unique products were developed through the application of ester chemistry.

    These liquid fuel-and-oil reformulating additives consist of several low- and high-molecular-weight synthetic esters. These esters are combined with a minimal amount of petroleum distillate (less than 20 percent) that is used to act as a carrying agent.

    E3-Ultra and Gamma88 is a proprietary mixture of short-chain and long-chain esters. The short-chain esters remove carbon deposits over time, and the long-chain esters improve the lubrication of the engine.

    2Who uses E3-Ultra and Gamma88?
    Numerous commercial companies, independent owner/operators, and railroads are using E3-Ultra and Gamma88. Additionally, we are running multiple pilot programs that cover industries from freight companies to railroads with intermodal operations.
    3What kind of fuel savings should I expect?

    In most cases you should expect fuel savings of 6% or greater. You may also see emissions reduced by 20-50%.

    In addition to the direct savings from the fuel economy, E3-Ultra and Gamma88 consistently used in both fuel and oil will lengthen the time between rebuilds.

    4Will using E3-Ultra or Gamma88 void my warranty?
    No. The Magnuson-Moss Warranty Act prevents OEMs from voiding warranties from the mere use of after-market products.
    5Does E3-Ultra or Gamma88 go into both the fuel and oil?
    Yes. In Fuel: Add 5 oz. per 10 gallons in the first tankful and 1 oz. per 10 gallons thereafter. In Oil: Introduce and maintain 1 oz. per quart of oil in the crankcase at all times.
    6How will E3-Ultra or Gamma88 affect my oil change interval?
    If your engine is currently under warranty, continue to change the oil per the manufacturer’s recommendations. After that, we recommend analyzing your oil after three months use to determine the best course of action for you. More than likely, your interval between oil changes will be dramatically increased.
    7How is E3-Ultra and Gamma88 different from other diesel fuel additives?
    Other fuel additives on the market can also clean your engine, but they are primarily petroleum-based solvents. E3-Ultra and Gamma88 incorporate unique blends of synthetic esters. They also replenish the lubricant qualities and stabilize the fuel. Additionally, E3-Ultra and Gamma88 Gamma 88 does not directly affect the combustion of a diesel engine — another differentiator from other fuel additive products. The improvements in emission, fuel economy and wear are the result of improved lubrication of the upper cylinder walls when the product is added to the fuel, and improvement in bearings, cam and pump wear when introduced into the lubricating oil.
    8Can E3-Ultra and Gamma88 be purchased in larger containers?
    Yes. You can purchase E3-Ultra and Gamma88 in 55-gallon drums for larger applications and commercial fleets.
    9Is E3-Ultra and Gamma88 available now? Are they sold in stores?
    E3-Ultra and Gamma88 are becoming leaders in the industry. We are currently considering sales at certain railhead operation centers and major truck stops.